Hi I’m Kathryn and welcome to my fiftieth year!

My life philosophy is pretty simple - I want to be healthy and happy, connected and engaged with life. As I approach my fifties I figure there will be more time for me to get to know myself and do things of interest to me. I have a range of interests that I want to explore further and share with you. I’m interested in eating well, living well, treading more lightly on the planet and challenging myself through yoga. My home is my nest and my favourite place to be but I also enjoy travelling and want to experience more of the world.

Now, I’m not the jumping out of a plane type nor will I be doing fifty fabulous things, so in my blog I’ll be sharing my life and my journey towards fifty. I’m sure I’m no different to many other women my age who just need to hit the pause button and live a more conscious life.

After years of drifting along in my life, it’s time for me to stop and reflect and to understand what is important to me and leap into my fifties with positivity, optimism and energy. 

But I don't know how to do it yet so please follow me as I learn how to be fifty.