How to 'do' yoga

As I learn more about yoga I'm beginning to understand that the poses are only one part of the magic. Now I’m trying to un-learn how to 'do' yoga, and just be. 

Love letter to Morocco

Morocco, until we meet again inshallah, I will always feel your sunshine on my shoulders, your desert sand between my toes, your salty breeze in my hair and the sweetness of your honey on my lips.

How to be a grown up

There are plenty of signs that you are getting older - you go to more funerals than weddings; the parties you go to are 50ths and 60ths; you have a bunion and/or corns, you rock cardigans - but the signs of growing up are not so easy to notice.

How to work with Gen Y

Last time I looked, I was one of the younger ones in my workplace.  While waiting out the generational changeover from the baby boomers, I didn’t really see Gen Y slowly creeping up behind me.